Wednesday 10 January 2018

New ISIS rules require female animals to wear burka

Ash Sha'fah, Syria (dpo) - It has emerged that Islamist terror organisation ISIS not only obliges human women to completely cover themselves using a burka in the remaining territories they control, in fact, they impose the same rule on female animals.

Fear or faith? What causes this mother bird to wear a burka?
The regime has issued a pronouncement on the subject stating that, “Unveiled female animals may tempt male animals of the same species. The animal burka is therefore a necessary part of efforts to avoid animal fornication.” Previously, shepherds and camel herders were also helplessly exposed to far-too-liberal levels of wool and hairy camel humps on show. Time and again, this has led to sacrilegious interactions. Critics view the full-body veil as animal cruelty but scholars of Islamic law counter by claiming that female animals wear the burka of their own free will and because of religious conviction.
ssi; picture on the right: Stefan-Xp, CC BY-SA 3.0
Read the German version HERE.
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