Monday 26 March 2018

St Paul’s Cathedral turned 360 degrees by unidentified perpetrators overnight

London (dpo) - What a cheek! Last night, the famous St Paul’s cathedral in central London was gently loosened from its foundations, slightly lifted and then turned by exactly 360 degrees. For the time being, the culprits remain unknown. The crime had obviously been planned a long time in advance, as it was highly professionally executed, leaving practically no trace. The question as to why this iconic church was turned around remains unresolved. However, there are some strong indications that the whole thing was a prank.

Reverend Canon Jonathan Brewster received a shock when he arrived at work this morning, “Visitor numbers are highest at the weekend so on a Monday morning I usually walk around the areas which are the most popular with the tourists to check everything is in order. This morning, I immediately noticed something was not quite right. The High Altar was in the exact same place as it had been the day before – a clear sign that the building cannot have been turned 90 degrees or even 180 degrees. It must have been turned precisely 360 degrees.”
The first tourists are already turning away
At over 300 years old, it is practically miraculous that the cathedral suffered no damage from this cloak-and-dagger operation. This would have been a huge loss since it is one of Britain’s most famous landmarks and a stunning example of work by the country’s most famous architect, Sir Christopher Wren. However, the Church of England will probably still have to shoulder huge costs to reverse the prank – on top of the revenue lost by closing the site to carry out the work. The site must be restored to its original state to preserve its historical significance and so as not to put off tourists. For now, an independent expert team of structural engineers and architects is working feverishly to determine in which direction the church was turned in the first place.
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