Thursday 5 August 2021

Change of phone provider renders police unable to take emergency calls for two weeks

New York (dpo) - As a spokesperson announced in a New York press conference today, due to complications after a change of telephone service provider, police will only have limited access to their hotlines over the next two weeks. There have also been problems porting their telephone number to the new network, meaning the good old 911 could soon be history.

“To save tax money, we have decided to switch from Verizon to the more affordable provider Frontier Communications”, reports chief inspector Marcus McGrath. “However, there were no technicians available to implement the necessary readjustments until Tuesday in two weeks between 7 am and 4 pm.” Since the old telephone line has already been cut off, police will unfortunately be unavailable until then.
Will be garaged for a while: police car
“Citizens who find themselves in an emergency can send us an email, call an officer they know personally on their mobile or come to one of our numerous precincts in person”, McGrath reassures the public, adding, “even at night, of course.”
Yet the two-week break in telephone service also has its advantages – police are now able to get to grips with old cases which they have been neglecting for years.
Of course, McGrath finally had to concede that there were further difficulties regarding porting across the emergency telephone number to the new provider, “At first, they said we could keep our old number, but then there were complications.”
The famous 911 was snapped up in a second by an erotic postal order shop from Chicago, meaning the new number for the police will be 843 695 207 497 993 214 – as soon as it is activated.
ssi; picture above: © Sven Bähren -; first published 2018-04-16
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