Thursday 22 July 2021

Research shows weight-free weight training is much easier than standard weight training

Dallas, TX (dpo) – Love the gym? We’ve got good news! It is now clear that you can make weight training, such as bench presses, much easier for yourself simply by not using any weights. This is the conclusion of a study run by the PwC Health Research Institute in Texas. In the test phase, the participants who trained without weights were able to keep going for much longer on average than their peers using weights.

The central idea of the study is based on a simple mathematical principle: a 60 lb weight is twice as tough on your body as a 30 lb weight. A 20 lb weight would require only a third of the effort. If you remove the weight completely, practically no effort is required.
Dumbbell training without the dumbbell
Study leader Ethan Hoffmann first came up with the idea of weight-free weight training at the gym. All of the barbells were in use so, against the advice of his trainer, Hoffmann completed his usual routine of bicep curls with no weights. The result was astounding: he was able to keep going for longer and his body adapted so quickly to this new type of training that he was able to save time because he did not even need a shower.
Weight-free weight training could be particularly revolutionary for the elderly because it greatly reduces the strain placed on joints.
In addition, buying no weights is significantly cheaper than buying weights.
For now, the same group of researchers are part way through their next study which aims to determine whether it is even easier and would save more time simply not to go to the gym at all. The scientists and their 30 participants are due to finish the study in late September.
fed, dan, ssi; pictures: Shutterstock; first published 2018-02-25
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