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Heroic passer-by smashes car window to save multipack of beer from dying of heat stroke

Peterborough, UK (dpo) - Saved in the nick of time! A man from Peterborough showed real courage today: he saw a multipack of beer which looked certain to die a painful death from heat stroke in a car that was parked in the direct heat of the sun. He acted swiftly to save it, smashing in the front window of the car. Now, Daniel Ruston is even due to receive an award from the City of Peterborough recognising his bravery.

“Anyone would have done the same in that situation”, the modest hero claims. “At least, anyone with a multipack of their own at home.”
The 28-year-old therefore did not hesitate when he discovered a multipack of beer on the passenger seat of a car parked in the midday heat. “If there had not been a dog barking in the car next to it, I would almost certainly just have walked past. But when I looked back in reaction to the dog, I saw the crate. It looked really poorly – the bottles were not even sweating anymore, they were that warm.”
To Ruston, it was immediately clear that swift assistance was in order. “According to the parking meter, the crate had already been standing there for at least 45 minutes – and none of the windows were even slightly open! Any longer and it would certainly have gone stale, or the bottles could even have burst. I just can’t imagine!”
Thus, Ruston quickly donned his motorbike gloves, smashed in the window with his bare fists and pulled out the beer. “My fear for that beer must have infused me with supernatural powers.”
In the meantime, someone had called the fire service. When they arrived, they finally took charge of the beer to the sound of applause from numerous passers-by. They placed the dangerously overheated bottles in a cooler filled with iced water, where they made a speedy recovery.
This was attested by everyone involved after an impromptu drink.
Ruston is now set to receive a medal of honour from the City of Peterborough for his heroic act – an award presented personally by the mayor. The owner of the car will be responsible for the cost of damage to the vehicle. He is also under investigation for cruelty to beer and will not be awarded custody of his multipack of beer, which is only half full by now. It will be entrusted to people who will take better care of it – people like Daniel Ruston, the new hero of Peterborough.
ejo, dan, ssi; picture: Shutterstock; first published 2020-07-31
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