Monday 20 January 2020

2000 most hard-working people richer than 4.6 billion laziest people combined

Oxford, UK (dpo) - They really have earned it: a recent study by well known NGO Oxfam has revealed that the 2153 most hard-working people on the planet have more wealth between them than the 4.6 billion laziest people in the world combined. According to Oxfam, the results of this study starkly demonstrate just how much personal commitment to your job always pays off.

“These 2153 people are so hard-working that each one of them achieves about 2 million times more per day than a person from the lazier parts of the world”, a spokesperson for the organisation explains. “This is an impressive feat for which these 2153 are rightfully lavishly remunerated.” The average person could not even imagine what is like to work that hard each day.
Furthermore, the latest data has shown that the rift between hard-working and lazy is still expanding. “As yet, it is unclear whether this is due to the few hard-working people becoming even more hard-working, or the billions of lazy people becoming even lazier”, reports Oxfam’s spokesperson. Certainly, for people on the bottom half of the achievement scale it would do no harm to finally start making an effort.
dan, ssi; idea: svo; picture: paul prescott /< first published 2019-02-07
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