Tuesday 31 March 2020

Trump to arm doctors so they can fight coronavirus

Washington, D.C. (dpo) - The USA intends to step up the national response to coronavirus. Today, President Donald Trump announced plans to arm all doctors in the country so that they can effectively combat the pandemic.

President Trump tweeted this morning:
Prior to this announcement, President Trump met with US weapons lobby the NRA. The organisation is one of his main campaign donors.
According to information from the US government, all employees in the health sector are to be issued with at least one assault rifle and two hand guns. They will also receive basic training in weapons handling. Following training, medical staff will receive instruction to open fire immediately, whenever the virus is detected.
The Trump administration played down concerns that the virus is too tiny to hit. They explained that this is precisely why all assault rifles are fitted with a telescopic sight.
shp, dan, ssi; picture: Shutterstock; in cooperation with Der Gazetteur
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