Wednesday 9 November 2016

"Donald, will you marry me?": Clinton hasn't given up on the White House yet

New York (dpo) - Will she still enter the White House? Following Donald Trump’s election as next President of the United States of America, his defeated opponent Hillary Clinton not only congratulated him but also completely surprised him by proposing.

“Donald, we’ve had many differences of opinion in recent months but you must have felt that electric atmosphere between us“, said Clinton in her public video message to Trump. "After much consideration, I have decided to follow my heart and ask for your hand in marriage today. Wherever you go, that’s where I want to be. All I want is a future in the White House. With you. In the White House.”
She went on to praise the president-elect as a brilliant man with beautiful hair and big, strong hands. She asked him to split up with his wife Melania. “Donald, I spent eight years as First Lady married to a man who couldn’t keep his hands off other women and I did superb job of his PR. It seems obvious to me which of us could provide you a happier future, man that you are.”
She had already filed for her own divorce from her husband Bill in the early hours of the morning. “I have cleared the way to our happiness, Donny, my love. Soon to be yours, the future Hillary Rodham Trump.“
Donald Trump is yet to respond.
pfg, dan, ssi; picture: Zachary Moskow, CC BY-SA 4.0
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