Tuesday 12 May 2020

Rescued: missing woman found in walk-in closet after 48 hours

Baden-Baden, Germany (dpo) - It was a close call but Baden-Baden’s fire brigade managed to save the life of a 32-year-old missing woman at the last minute. The wife of a millionaire had got lost in her walk-in closet and endured hunger and thirst for 48 hours until she was found by a search party. According to a spokesperson for the fire brigade, the woman was “totally emaciated and utterly exhausted”.

Two days earlier, the woman had set off on the onerous journey to fetch her evening gown, but had become distracted and strayed from the main path. Whilst she was wandering around disorientated, she got further and further entangled in a thicket of cotton, satin and silk. After an hour spent fighting to free herself, she finally managed to break away from the offending garments; however, her efforts to find a way out of the textile jungle were unsuccessful.
A labyrinth of Cretan proportions – the entrance to the closet in question
When the 32-year-old failed to arrive at the arranged time for the gala dinner at the prestigious Kurhaus Baden complex, her husband alerted the police and reported her missing.
Luckily, the 56-year-old housekeeper heard soft cries for help coming from the bedroom and led the rescue team in the right direction. The fire brigade then finally freed this affluent lady from her predicament.
Upon her rescue, the victim revealed that she had never before ventured so far into her walk-in closet, and had thus totally underestimated the expedition. “I was really very, very reckless”, she admitted. Next time, she says she will take canapés and a bottle of piccolo sparkling wine as a packed lunch and leave a trail of small diamonds to show her the way back.
swo; picture above: Fotolia, picture on the right: Fotolia; first published 2017-02-03
Read the German version HERE.
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