Thursday 17 June 2021

Survey: people in relationships more prone to cheating than singles

Munich (dpo) - Popular opinion has it that singles are reckless go-getters with ever-changing partners, who have no idea of what the term ‘faithfulness’ actually means. A recent survey is now challenging this long-standing prejudice: according to polling institute Opinion Control, people in relationships cheat significantly more on their partners than do their non-attached counterparts.

For this study, 600 people were surveyed. Of these, 300 were single people and 300 were either married or in a long-term relationship. The whole group was asked: “Are you currently cheating on your partner?” The results were astounding – 17.4% (52) of survey participants who were already spoken for freely admitted to cheating on their partner, while the proportion of singles actively cheating was substantially lower at 0.67% (2). Head researcher Heinz Geiwasser even believes that the two alleged cheaters from the single category may not have been telling the whole truth. “One person seemed to have problems understanding the question and the other one was only 17 years old and clearly wanted to brag about his virility.”
Considering the very clear results of the survey, Geiwasser recommends dating single people when searching for a new partner. However, he warns that if you should discover a few weeks into your relationship that this person is not actually single anymore, there is every reason for you to become wary.
ssi, dan, idea: mke; picture: Shutterstock; first published 2017-02-27
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