Thursday 10 June 2021

World’s first vegan zoo attracts thousands of visitors

Brisbane, Australia (dpo) - You won’t find any antelopes or polar bears here! This is the world’s first vegan zoo. Today, the Brisbane attraction opened its doors for the very first time and welcomed throngs of guests who will find no animals in this unusual park. Instead, they are able to admire 100% plant-based alternatives.

“A vegan zoo has all kinds of advantages over the animal-based kind”, explains General Manager, Josh Patterson. “The smell is much less pungent, it throws up fewer ethical issues and still offers the same type of great experience you can get from a real zoo. You really won’t notice the difference!”
The reactions from visitors on opening day has been overwhelmingly positive. Lydia Szabo from Melbourne is enthralled with the banana enclosure, “Instead of monkeys, there are bananas spread around the floor,” she recounts, “and for me, as a vegan, it is fascinating to see natural banana behaviour. The best part is that no animals have to suffer to create this experience.”
These cute bananas are not all there is to see. The zoo boasts the Pacific region’s first specialised tofu enclosure, an open-air seitan area, a falafel tank filled with sesame oil and a vegetable house measuring 2,000 m² where visitors are invited to watch the plants being watered twice a day.
Two seitan steaks get cosy under a rosemary branch in their open-air enclosure
This unusual project is not an easy one to run. “We employ 30 members of staff who sweep the grounds daily to ensure that no animals have found their way on site”, Patterson explains. “If just one mouse finds its way in, it could ruin our reputation. Just last night, we had to call animal control to put down a stray dog. He could have been our downfall on opening day!”
Overall, the General Manager is happy with how the first day went. “If we continue in this vein then we will soon be able to open branches in other cities. I’ve been toying with the idea of a vegan petting zoo for a long time. Children would be able to cuddle and stroke coconuts, parsley and peaches as much as they like, as well as other attractions.”
up, dan, ssi; picture below: Shutterstock
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