Wednesday 30 September 2020

Study reveals final beer of evening frequently causes sickness and headaches

Heidelberg (dpo) - Researchers at the Institute for Food Science in Heidelberg have now discovered what seasoned drinkers have long suspected: in nine out of ten cases, the final beer consumed at the end of a merry night out is bad. It can thus can lead to stomach troubles, sickness and headaches.

Until further research has been carried out, revellers are strongly advised to steer clear of final beers. “The morning after, I always felt absolutely horrible”, Daniel J. reflects on his many evenings in the pub when he had one of those disastrous final beers. The 27-year-old does not believe this to be mere coincidence, since his friends – just like millions of other Germans – confirmed his long-running suspicion that something is not right about that final drink.
Who could possibly find fault with this drink?
By carrying out full-scale self-experimentation over several weekends, the Heidelberg food scientists were able to prove conclusively that the final beer does indeed have very negative implications. The morning after an extensive bender finished with a final beer, close to 90% of scientists suffered from “severe to very severe headaches” and one in eleven even needed to vomit.
People affected suspect a conspiracy of pub landlords to be behind this. The theory is that the landlords are miffed about their guests leaving and not having any more drinks. They therefore want to give their patrons “something to remember them by”. However, the phenomenon of the final bad beer also appears when drinking in private, which would seem to contradict this theory.
Until the causes have been properly identified, the only solution seems to be total abstinence. The best way to avoid a final beer is to drink another one straight afterwards, a so-called “safety beer”, turning the final beer into the second-to-last one and thus deactivating it.
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