Friday 2 October 2020

“The most positive test any President has ever completed” – Trump announces COVID test result

Washington (dpo) - No President has ever achieved this before. Today, President Donald Trump took the stage in front of the US capital’s assembled media to proudly announce his coronavirus test results.

“The test came back positive! And not only that,” President Trump continued, pleased as punch, “my doctor assures me that this is the most positive corona test that an American President has ever completed.”

The “lamestream media”, such as the New York Times and CNN, are usually slammed by President Trump for reporting negatively on his actions. Yet even they have described his test as positive.

“My test is more positive than Geroge Washington’s! Some even say it is more positive than Abe Lincoln’s,” President Trump went on, “and a loser like Obama could never get anywhere near this kind of result!”

President Trump went on to challenge his opponent Joe Biden to produce a positive test: “I bet Sleepy Joe can’t manage it,” smirked President Trump, confident of victory, “he just doesn’t have any energy. So sad.”

pfg, ssi, dan; Foto: Shutterstock

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