Friday 30 October 2020

Researchers discover remote rain forest tribe still using iPhone 7

São Paulo (dpo) - Completely isolated from the outside world – an international team of anthropologists has discovered an indigenous tribe in Brazil whose members are so underdeveloped that they still use the iPhone 7. To protect this ancient people from the harmful influences of modern civilization, the Brazilian Government refuses to disclose the Amazon tribe’s exact location.

The research team found that the devices used by the tribe faintly resemble our modern smartphones, but their applications “seem to run up to 100 times slower than in civilization.”
Primitive tools used by the indigenous tribe
Even just flying over the settlement, the team was able to clearly detect the old-fashioned phones used by the several hundred tribespeople on the ground. Many of the indigenous people also use “phone embellishments that seem alien to us and some kind of quiver for their phones”.
“Contacting the indigenous inhabitants was next to impossible because some of their phones don’t even support WhatsApp”, explains head of team Kenneth Wyne as he recounts his encounter with the tribe by the great Amazon River. “They showed us functions and apps we only knew from stories passed down to us. Also, “pinch to zoom” did not run nearly as fluidly as it does on our phones.”
The natives told the researchers that they had never had any contact with modern society, so rumours of a follow-up version to the iPhone 7 are considered mere legends.
Inspired by their success, the team is currently looking for an indigenous tribe in Peru which is even further isolated from modern civilization. Legend has it that alongside their bows and arrows, the members of this tribe still use the Nokia 3310s of their ancestors.
fed, ssi; picture above [m]: Valter Campanato/ABr., CC BY 3.0 BR, picture below: Brett Jordan; first published 2017-04-27
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