Tuesday 20 October 2020

Vets save life of mayfly in 23-hour emergency operation

Bamberg (dpo) – In the close shave of the week, a team of experts at Bamberg veterinary hospital managed to save the life of a mayfly in an emergency operation lasting 23 hours. The animal was diagnosed with a severe congenital heart defect upon hatching. This diagnosis necessitated the emergency surgical procedure, otherwise the fly would probably only have survived for one day.

This mayfly had a real guardian angel
Following the 23-hour surgical marathon, chief surgeon Dr. Waldemar Kohler was exhausted but content. He told us: “Having examined the little guy, I knew we had to operate at once and even then, his chances were pretty slim”.
Several complications arose during the operation. After about 12 hours the patient was already fully grown, but at one point was virtually clinically dead. The team was able to revive him using a battery of techniques: cardiac massage, artificial respiration and a minute defibrillator. Their heroic actions paid off – in around an hour the anaesthetic will have fully worn off and the aged insect will finally be able to live his life to the full.
ssi; idea: Psyclash, picture above / on the right: © Gennadiy Poznyakov / jurgen1966 - both Fotolia.com; first published 2017-04-18
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