Thursday 8 October 2020

Trump to wear special mask to combat persistent breathing problems

Washington, DC (dpo) - While President Donald Trump’s state of health has improved, he is still suffering from shortness of breath, which is evident in his speech. For medical reasons, the President will therefore need to wear a special mask over the coming weeks.

“It is a custom-made mask to help the President to breathe properly,” explains Donald Trump’s personal doctor, Sean Conley. “The distinctive sound that you hear each time he breathes is a filter function ensuring that the President receives the highest quality air.”

For medical reasons, the mask also covers President Trump’s mouth. When he wishes to speak to the people around him, his voice is relayed by a speaker in the front of the mask. “For the moment, the voice is too deep. Our technicians are working to improve that as we speak,” reports Dr Conley.

Some doctors, however, fear that the mask may trigger hallucinations, a craving for absolute power and violent outbursts in the wearer. According to an investigation by the Washington Post, since putting on the mask, President Trump has already choked seven people and ordered the complete anihilation of the “Democratic rebels.”

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