Tuesday 9 May 2017

May suddenly realises who Brits will blame for everything after leaving the EU

London (dpo) - British Prime Minister Theresa May today experienced a moment of horror as she suddenly realised who the British people will blame for all of their country’s problems following Brexit, when the European Union will no longer be an appropriate scapegoat.

May had just held a speech on the subject of Great Britain’s glorious future outside the EU and was talking to an assistant on the way to her official limousine when eyewitnesses saw her stop dead in her tracks for no clear reason. She was then heard to mumble to herself, “Bloody hell, those bastards will probably blame me!” She proceeded to cancel all further appointments for the day and was driven home to Downing Street.
Anonymous sources close to the Prime Minister have confirmed that Mrs May has since recovered. In fact, she has already instructed those working most closely with her to start finding new culprits to blame for the country’s problems, such as foreigners, communists, Justin Bieber fans or gingers.
dan, ssi; picture: picture alliance / AP Photo

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