Wednesday 17 May 2017

Trump now to wear muzzle when meeting foreign politicians

Washington (dpo) - In the wake of Donald Trump’s Russia scandal in which the US President allegedly shared classified information with Russia, the White House is taking precautions. The President’s advisers have agreed that at all future meetings with foreign politicians, President Trump will wear a muzzle.

According to the President’s spokesperson Sean Spicer, the soundproof muzzle is a measure to ensure national security.
To start with, President Trump bristled at the decision but was placated in the end with well-founded arguments such as, “it’s the greatest muzzle in the world” and, “no other head of state has anything like this”, and then a treat sealed the deal. The White House is confident that no further classified information will be revealed. Donald Trump even tweeted:
fed, ssi, dan; picture above: picture alliance / newscom
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