Tuesday 19 October 2021

Botched job by builders – 10th floor entirely forgotten in new skyscraper

Cologne (dpo) - A scandal broke today in the immediate run-up to the highly anticipated opening ceremony for a new 43-storey office skyscraper. Upon removal of all scaffolding, it became clear that the entire 10th floor was missing.

“We have built strictly according to plan”, insists Frank Most of Hochtief AG, foreman in charge of the skyscraper’s construction which has been ongoing for the last eight months. “However, unfortunately, two pages of the blueprint seem to have got stuck together.”
The construction company has therefore announced that it will be adding in the missing floor at its own expense. As many of the offices are already let with clients moving in as of Wednesday, rope ladders will ensure a provisional link between the 9th and 11th floors until completion of these additional works.
ssi; first published 2017-09-22
Read the German version HERE.
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