Wednesday 27 October 2021

Canadian lumberjack accidentally voted Portland’s ‘Hipster of the Year’

Portland, OR (dpo) - While on holiday in the picturesque city of Portland, OR, a Canadian tourist found himself awarded the title ‘Hipster of the Year 2021’ by the local hipster community. 29 year-old lumberjack Kyle Tremblay was praised by the panel for his authentic hipster look, despite his never having entered the competition.

“I was just walking through Pearl with my coffee when suddenly a group approached me and congratulated me with smiles on their faces,” recounts Tremblay as he recalls his surprise win. “I didn’t really understand what they were talking about but it seemed I had won some kind of tree-felling award.”
Felix Applegate from Pearl District, Portland, OR, will have to make do with second place this time
The Canadian impressed the panel with his unparalleled relaxed style. “Kyle Tremblay is just amazing,” gushes Julia Carpenter, co-chair of the committee. “His chilled look with the beanie, the full beard and plaid shirt is so cool but then he has this scruffy style which just somehow screams, ‘So what?’ you know? But not so loud as to give you the impression that he somehow always wants to be the centre of attention. It’s chilled but somehow not chilled. Intentional but somehow unintentional. Really manly but also somehow doesn’t go against the image of the modern man. I just somehow get this impression that he’s really a great guy. But I guess I don’t really know. Just somehow I have that feeling.”
In the meantime, Tremblay has had the award explained to him but he still doesn’t understand all the fuss. “I’ve never really cared about my image. In rural Canada, almost everyone dresses like me. I don’t really get why that would be ‘hipster’. I’ve always dressed like this, even before it was cool.”
mk, dan, ssi; pictures: Shutterstock; first published 2021-04-27
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