Monday 9 April 2018

87% of school students suffer from difficulty sleeping during lessons

Sudbury, Canada (dpo) - School insomnia remains one of the most frequent chronic conditions among school-aged children. That is according to the results of a major study conducted by scientists at the Ferris Bueller Institute for Optimised School Performance. In their long-term tests, they discovered that the majority of pupils do not sleep enough during lessons or even do not sleep at school at all.

Head of the Institute, Anthony Collins, emphasises how alarming these findings are, “Pupils are in an especially critical phase of their development so they really do need every minute of sleep. After all, they are expected to stick to an ambitious schedule outside of school, with such time-consuming activities as excessively playing computer games every night, practicing something called ‘hanging out’ with friends or gaining expertise in private studies of pornography. Of course, this busy lifestyle leaves little time to relax.”
Ideal sleep pattern for pupils
Despite this, 87% of pupils feel unable to get that much-needed sleep at school – be it because of personal stress, pressure to achieve certain grades or teachers being too noisy and inconsiderate. These teachers in particular are the target of Collins’s plea to stop mistreating their pupils by giving them bad grades all the time and to finally allow subjects like geography, English and history to return to their original purpose: a healthy nap, during which the deep sleep or REM phase should be achieved at least once.
Collins points out that, “There are a few easy tricks for teachers: for example, you could speak about plate tectonics for an hour, or have someone read a longer passage (say, one sentence) of ‘The Two Gentlemen of Verona’. Your pupils will thank you for it.”
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