Wednesday 19 August 2020

Fool advertises for sports company Adidas for free

St. Helens, Oregon (dpo) - How stupid can you be? Logan Anderson (19) from St. Helens, Oregon, regularly wears a T-shirt showing the logo and name of German sportswear company Adidas. Despite this, he has never received a single penny from the company.

This can only be explained by a complete lack of business savvy. Anderson’s T-shirt is seen by around 1,000 people on an average day, yet he voluntarily strolls around as a human advertising column, never once demanding any pay from this major corporation in return for his efforts – and it must surely have a marketing budget of millions.
Anderson’s foolishness even extends into advertising further brands without payment
Meanwhile, management at Adidas have confirmed that Logan Anderson is not on their list of official brand ambassadors. In a written statement, they informed the Postillon, “We have not as yet had any contact whatsoever with Mr Anderson or his management”. Yet, this young man has now been engaged in free advertising for Adidas for almost two years. Not only that, he even paid for his advertising T-Shirt – at more than twice the price of a logo-free shirt of a similar quality. Furthermore, he also takes care of regularly cleaning his textile advertising medium at his own expense.
It is, of course, difficult to determine exactly how much Anderson is missing out on in advertising revenue each time he wears his T-shirt. Terry Bidwell, owner of a Portland advertising agency, explains, “In theory, the fact that Anderson is stupid enough to advertise free of charge could even be detrimental to Adidas's brand image, meaning his net advertising impact would be negative. If this is the case, Adidas should demand immediate compensation from the young man.”
ssi, dan; pictures: Shutterstock; first published 2018-07-23
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