Thursday 30 July 2020

Trump goes topless on horseback to boost popularity

Washington (dpo) - Donald Trump’s chaotic coronavirus policies have seen his approval ratings drop through the floor – and the President is acutely aware of his popularity problem. In a bid to boost his ratings, the US President has taken some cues from his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, and gone for a topless photo shoot on horseback.

“My good friend Vlad has approval ratings I can only dream of right now,” explained President Trump. “I am a much better politician than him, the best! So it must be down to these photos he got taken a few years back. They were wonderful photos.”
White House staff therefore organised a short trip to Ohio, where President Trump was able to put together the desired set up and backdrop. “I only fell a couple times, so it’s not really falling off. I was only bitten twice and kicked three times,” President Trump reported proudly.
“It’s because I’m an excellent rider. One of the best. Nobody understands as much about horses and riding as I do.”
The photos are quite impressive and could greatly increase the President’s chances of re-election.
tla, ssi, dan; picture: dpa/picture alliance
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