Tuesday 12 January 2021

Woman ties bell to spider to stop it creeping up and scaring her

Waterloo, Ontario (dpo) - An arachnophobic student from Ontario has discovered an ingenius way to prevent the spider in her flat from creeping up on her – she has tied a small bell to the animal’s leg so she is forewarned when it is on the move and can quickly retreat to safety.

“I came upon the idea when I was on holiday visiting my grandmother’s farm in Switzerland”, Sophie Tremblay remembers the moment which inspired her. “The cows there had similar bells so you always knew where they were.”
Sophie Tremblay does not have to worry anymore
She has now applied this principle to the large house spider living in her flat. “It was really quite hard to catch it, calm it down and fasten the bell to it securely without hurting it but I was really rewarded for my efforts.”
Now, Sophie can finally relax again or work on her studies without constantly looking all over her shared flat, in every corner, in a state of total panic trying to locate the spider. Just one problem remains – she keeps being woken up by the spider’s bell. However, she has already found a solution for that, too: every night, she intends to take off the spider’s bell and reattach it the following morning.
fed, ssi, dan; picture below: Shutterstock; first published 2018-10-09
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