Friday 22 January 2021

Old habits die hard: Generals deliver Biden’s first security briefing using hand puppets

Washington (dpo) – Freshly inaugurated US President Joe Biden got a shock on his first day at work in the White House. His Generals delivered the security briefing using boldly coloured graphics and hand puppets. Evidently they were accustomed to taking this approach with President Biden’s predecessor.

“La la la la la, Mr Khomeini is in Iran - don't confuse it with Pakistan,” sings highly decorated Four-Star General Doug Henderson Jr., as he makes a serious-looking hand puppet take a bow. “Mr Khomeini wants to have nuclear power. But some people say that he wants to build a bomb. That makes Mr Khomeini mad. He says: boo! Booooo! And who is this? Look! It’s that nasty Russian Vladi…”
Suddenly, the general pauses mid-play, irked. “Mr President, why are you not clapping or angrily throwing popcorn? Is there something wrong with your briefing? Is it too complicated?”
At this, President Biden indignantly requests a standard, paper-format security briefing. His generals are now in the process of illustrating a man with buffalo horns using bright colours in order to warn him of the danger posed by QAnon and other radicalised supporters of his predecessor, President Donald Trump.
dan, ssi; picture: Shutterstock
Read the German version HERE.
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