Friday 23 November 2018

Bin Salman would like Trump to make clear how many murders of journalists he has left

Riyadh, Washington D.C. (dpo) - A one-off is no problem – but where is the limit? Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman would like Donald Trump to tell him how many murders of journalists he has left before some kind of punishment kicks in. He says this is the only way he can plan his approach to dealing with critics of his regime.

“As I understand it, the Khashoggi thing is totally OK with the USA”, explained bin Salman in Riyadh, “but it would be good to know whether that means we are now free to order the murders of as many critics as we like or whether there is a limit to that. So, President Trump, could you please let us know exactly how this is going to work?”
It of course makes a huge difference whether, say, five more murders would be acceptable or another 1,000. “Our entire plan for the coming months depends on this”, says bin Salman, “how many human lives is our business worth to the USA? Our trade deals with the USA are measured in precise dollar sums so we would like precise murder sums as well.”
In the meantime, the Crown Prince is turning to less controversial matters. “Until we have more information, we will play it safe and stick to the mass killing of Yemenis. That’s still OK and internationally accepted, right?”
ssi, dan; picture: picture alliance / AP Photo
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