Friday 7 December 2018

Trump still in shock from seeing George Bush at George Bush’s funeral

Washington (dpo) - How is this even possible? This week at the funeral of former US President George Bush, current US President Donald Trump almost fell of his seat when he spotted former US President George Bush among the mourners. He still shivers when he thinks back to that moment.

“So I’m at George Bush’s funeral, right, and who do you think appears and walks right past me? That’s right, folks. George Bush. I mean, how is this possible? I’m sure he’s supposed to be dead.” President Trump recounted his experience to his closest confidantes shortly after the event. “It must have been a ghost. Do you think that he’s trying to tell me something?”
Trump is still not sure whether he was the only person who was able see and hear George Bush or if others may also have sensed his presence.
“I wondered whether I should maybe ask around and see if anyone else could see this ghost but I don’t ever talk to Melania and I was a bit worried, you know, that the others might think I was going cuckoo,” explains Trump, “I don’t think they could see him though because nobody seemed surprised by his appearance except for me. Nobody stood up and shouted, ‘There’s a ghost! There’s a ghost!’ or anything like that. So I thought it was best to keep quiet and put on a brave face.”
The spookiness did not stop there: by President Trump’s account, George Bush strode up to the podium and began to speak at length about George Bush – right next to the coffin that supposedly contained George Bush. “He cried and everything. About his own death! It was kinda moving actually but really weird.”
Trump’s attention then turned to his own demise: if “in 50 or 60 years or so” he should meet his end, he says he would rather not follow in Bush’s footsteps and deliver his own eulogy, “I would like my son, Donald Trump Jr to take care of that.”
pfg, ssi, dan; picture: picture alliance/MediaPunch
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