Monday 31 May 2021

More dirt, more inclines: plans to redevelop Anaheim to suit SUVs

Anaheim, Orange County, CA, USA (dpo) - Cities the world over are experiencing a rise in the number of sports utility vehicles or SUVs on their roads. Yet most cities are not suited to this type of vehicle. Anaheim, CA, boasts a particularly high number of SUVs and therefore has plans to replace its roads with the kind of off-road terrain which is ideal for SUVs.

“All these people didn’t go out and buy SUVs with 350 or even 700 horsepower just to sit around in between some white lines on an even road waiting at a stop light,” explains Tom Tait, mayor of Anaheim in defence of his new infrastructure project Anaheim 2021. “We need the right policies here. We will build hills and gravel slopes as far as the eye can see.”
City Council plans to break ground on the project in summer 2021. The current road surface will be ripped up and replaced with tracks made from sand, mud, gravel and shale – the kind of surfaces for which SUVs were originally designed. “Driving to Disneyland will be just as exciting as visiting! And wait til you see what we have planned for access to Angel Stadium – it involves a river crossing to get into the parking lot!” Mayor Tom Tait again.
In total, up to 90% of Anaheim’s roads are due to be replaced with gravel tracks and artificial inclines by 2022. “Just a few alleyways will remain intact. The ones where no SUVs fit anyway.”
The 37 Anaheim residents who do not already own an SUV are advised to purchase an offroader of some description by the time the new infrastructure is in place.
Mountain bikes are recommended for cyclists and any pedestrians should wear sturdy shoes and carry grappling hooks for the particularly steep inclines.
pfg, ssi, dan; picture [M]: Shutterstock; first published 2019-01-02
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