Tuesday 17 September 2019

These 8 features make the iPhone 11 the best smartphone ever

Apple’s most recent big hit comes twelve years after the launch of the first ever iPhone. The new iPhone, the iPhone 11, was recently unveiled in Cupertino setting new standards in design and functionality. These 8 features are the reason why the iPhone 11 is the best smartphone ever:

1. Outer made from 100% top-quality butter
The iPhone 11 is the first smartphone ever to feature 100% butter outer. It is a little sensitive to bumps and finger movements and will start to melt if exposed to temperatures above 19° C/66.2° F. It all pays off, though, with that beautiful, elegant shine. It also sits fabulously in the palm of your hand and just looks amazing.

2. Double cassette deck
Apple is streets ahead of the competition with this one. Nobody expected a double cassette deck. The new iPhone 11 is even able to record audio files from one tape to the other, as well as playing and recording cassettes.

3. Longer battery life
Apple has successfully increased battery life by 20% on the iPhone 11 compared to the previous model. The user simply has to carry a rucksack battery weighing 35 kg at all times to enjoy an average of around 2 minutes 16 seconds more screen time than with the iPhone X.

4. Android users are automatically blocked
The iPhone 11’s default settings block all calls, WhatsApp messages and text messages originating from Android users. Android contacts are also automatically deleted from the iPhone 11’s phone book. Now Apple users will no longer have to deal with the digital riff-raff.

5. Tongue ID unlocking
Previous models unlocked using fingerprint identification but the iPhone 11 takes it to the next level. It is the first smartphone ever to feature tongue recognition. To unlock, simply lick the screen from bottom to top. This will also remove any greasy smears on the display, keeping it squeaky clean and free from marks at all times.

6. Waterproof
The iPhone 11 is the first ever iPhone to be waterproof. If you have always wanted to take an underwater selfie with a close friend, this device will be worth every penny.

7. Cameras everywhere
The new iPhone 11 features a total of 438 integrated cameras. There are several cameras on the front, even more cameras on the back and there are even cameras on each of the phone’s four corners. Additional cameras are installed on most of these cameras. Maximum photo fun. Because cameras.

8. It is unbelievably expensive
Potentially the most convincing reason to buy the new iPhone 11 is its killer price. At US $999, it is significantly more expensive than similar phones produced by Apple’s competitors. That makes it an unparalleled status symbol. Amazing! How does Apple do it?

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