Thursday 10 October 2019

Trump given toy telephone to stop him getting into any more trouble

Washington (dpo) - President Donald Trump’s team today subtly switched out the Oval Office telephone for a brightly coloured toy telephone from Fisher Price. It is hoped that the swap will prevent the President from getting himself into hot water on calls to other Heads of Government.

The President seems to be taking well to the new phone so far. He has spent the last few hours pressing different buttons on his telephone and amusing himself with the fun noises on the key pad and the ring tones. At intervals, he has been shouting, “You really have to investigate Sleepy Joe Biden! Do you hear me? You really want the USA to stay friends with you!”
So far, the President has not noticed that he is receiving no reply from the other end of the line. After all, he prefers to do the talking himself and is not interested in what the other party has to say. President Trump’s advisers would rather play it safe, though, so they intend to record some automatic responses in the near future. These will include, “Yes, Mr President!”, “Of course, Mr President!”, “This is the greatest idea of all time, Mr President!” and, “You are a much better president than Obama, sir!”
The plan seems to be working. It has been four hours since President Trump seriously violated any legislation or put American national security at risk. That may be a new record.
ssi, dan; Foto: picture alliance / Aude Guerrucci /dpa
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