Thursday 19 March 2020

“No more sharing!”: WHO recommends individual joints

Geneva, Switzerland (dpo) - In order to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, the World Health Organization is now recommending that pot smokers stop passing around joints in the traditional manner for the foreseeable future. Instead, experts at the WHO recommend that each person should have an individual toke.

“In this crisis, we must question all behaviour patterns,” explained a spokesperson. “Anyone taking a puff from a joint already smoked by someone else is taking a significant risk that they may be infected with coronavirus. They also put the people to the left of them in the circle at risk of infection.”
The solution: instead of sharing a single joint, the group should roll a joint for every member of the party. Everyone can light up at the same time and enjoy their weed together, without passing anything around.
According to the WHO, “This may mean that people will have to roll joints even if they usually would not. That is in the case where the most adept member of the group would usually roll the one joint for everybody. Rolling your own personal joint means that you smoke only your own spit and it saves the usual joint roller from overwork.”
The WHO also recommends making all joints somewhat shorter than usual or using less weed/hashish. “Otherwise there is a risk of getting too high, since it is normal to take more frequent puffs when smoking an individual joint than when passing around one single joint.”
This recommendation applies worldwide.
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Read the German version HERE.
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