Monday 20 April 2020

Could Trump have been bred in a Chinese lab to inflict damage on the USA?

Washington (dpo) - It may sound fantastical but experts say it cannot be ruled out. The theory is gaining traction every day: Donald Trump could not exist by coincidence. He must have been developed in a Chinese laboratory in order to inflict severe damage on the USA.

“The Chinese government is now acting like it has nothing to do with the current situation in the USA,” reports one user on the Facebook page Corona Truthers, “but can it really be a coincidence that we now have a man in the White House who can barely speak English and who is doing everything possible to thwart any attempt at a unified response to the crisis?”
President Trump’s physical appearance also feeds speculations. Some people claim that the unrealistic shade of his skin and his out-of-control hairstyle are the result of Chinese scientists not having a realistic impression of what people from western backgrounds look like.
Some are already demanding that China pay compensation – though the Chinese government has emphatically ruled this out.
Professional researchers are cautious in their assessments: “We are currently working on the assumption that Trump developed naturally; however, we cannot completely rule out the possibility that he was developed in a Chinese laboratory,” explains Celine Smith-Garcia, a biochemist at the University of Washington.
Besides, this is no time for finger pointing. “The task at hand for the international community is to minimise the effects of Donald Trump and to ensure that he does not lead to too many deaths.
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