Wednesday 7 October 2020

Trump encourages nation: “Anyone with a helicopter and personal medical team can beat COVID”

Washington (dpo) - President Donald Trump has returned home to the White House after his hospital stay fighting coronavirus. Now, he has a message to encourage the American people: “Anyone with a helicopter and personal medical team can beat COVID.” This was the President’s message in a video released by the White House. “So there is no reason to be scared of catching this virus.”

The coronavirus process really is completely manageable: “Taking several tests every day means that you know early on if you are infected. At that point you simply consult with your medical team. After all, they are the best doctors in the country.”

Even developing concerning symptoms is no reason to fear in President Trump’s eyes, “There are all kinds of incredibly expensive, experimental, fast-acting treatments. Just have your personal physician put you on one of those.”

Then, if it gets really bad, President Trump recommends having a helicopter fly you to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. “That way, you don’t have to sit in traffic in your bulletproof limousine. And they have great medical equipment there, luxury rooms and even workspaces where you can compose your angry tweets,” the President explains.

There is no need to stay in hospital for long, though, “As soon as you are feeling a little bit better, you can discharge yourself.” If things get worse again, there is always the option to take your helicopter back to the hospital anytime you need. 

dan, ssi; picture: picture alliance/Capital Pictures

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