Tuesday 24 May 2022

Russian hackers insert porn pages into married man's browser history

Des Moines, IA (dpo) - Does Putin have any morals whatsoever? It seems Russian hackers have infiltrated the computer of a married man from Des Moines and inserted numerous links to porn pages into the man’s browser history. So far, it is still unclear why the Kremlin targeted the man.

“Until now, I have always assumed that news reports about Russian hacks were just propaganda or politicians’ poor excuses”, explains Martin Watts, holding his wife Edith’s hand. “Now I have learned the hard way what it is like when the Russians suddenly wish to incriminate you and I have started to take the whole thing very seriously.” Martin has been deeply affected by the malicious attacks from Moscow which almost destroyed the Watts’s hitherto blissful marriage. “When I discovered these pages in Martin's browser history on Sunday, I was incredibly angry with him”, recounts Edith. “He offered me no explanation as to how they could have got there. Then, in an instant he turned white as a sheet and just stammered ‘Putin’!”
The hacker probably looks like this, or very similar
The pair analysed the files further and confirmed their horrible suspicion. Certain pages with video titles such as ‘sexy Russian brunette plays with herself’ or ‘kinky Russian model taken hard’ point straight to Moscow. On the other hand, pages like ‘Asian with big boobs taken by two strangers’ seem to be a deliberate attempt by the hackers to mislead the couple.
“I don’t know what Martin did to justify Putin’s vehemence in destroying our love”, laments Edith Watts. “But of course, I will always unconditionally stand by my dear Martin in the fight against Russia’s dark ambitions. He is the victim here!” She does not yet know how long this fight will last but, “Martin has warned me that such a cowardly attack could happen again at any time. I am mentally prepared for it.”
dan; picture: Shutterstock; first published 2017-08-08
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