Wednesday 29 April 2020

Yeti sights UFO

Himalayas (dpo) - Once again, the Yeti is causing a stir: in an interview with the Postillon, the legendary Abominable Snowman claimed he had not only caught sight of a UFO, but had also managed to take a photo of it with his mobile phone. He then went on to produce a blurred photograph showing some kind of flying saucer.

However, there seems to be a completely inconsequential explanation for this otherwise sensational sight: having evaluated the footage, experts are now convinced that the unidentified flying object is likely to be a meteorological balloon or a Chinese military plane.
“The photograph is very blurred, but we can certainly deduce that it shows nothing of extra-terrestrial origin,” Prof. Mei Hoao confirmed to the Postillon, “after all, what kind of alien would have ‘People’s Republic of China’ written on the outside of their spaceship?”
Parazoologists already agree that the Yeti is merely seeking attention. Just last year, he was adamant that he had spotted the Loch Ness monster in a mountain lake in Tibet.
ssi; first published 2018-06-11
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