Thursday 6 May 2021

Catholic Church introduces burka for altar servers

Vatican (dpo) - Following the recent virtual Symposium on preventing and healing child sexual abuse, the Catholic Church today announced key measures to tackle the issue going forward, including a stipulation that altar servers don the burka. The concept for this full-body covering was borrowed from another major world religion. Proponents hope that using it in the Church will prevent priests from being enticed into sexual assault.

“From now on, all children who come into contact with Catholic priests will be required to wear clothing covering their entire body. This includes altar servers, choir boys and children in Catholic schools and institutions”, instructs the edict signed by Pope Francis. “This is the only way to avoid arousing the carnal desires of poor, defenceless priests.”
Nuns who have dealings with Catholic priests are also requested to cover their whole bodies wherever possible since, “not doing so would simply be irresponsible.”
The Catholic Church is even planning to introduce an Eleventh Commandment by the end of the year. The new holy law will read: “Thou shalt not lead thy priest into temptation, for it bringeth upon the Holy Church great annoyance and bad publicity”.
mwa, ssi, dan; picture: dpa/Shutterstock/pixabay; first published 2019-03-11
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