Botched job by builders – 10th floor entirely forgotten in new skyscraper

Cologne (dpo) - A scandal broke today in the immediate run-up to the highly anticipated opening ceremony for a new 43-storey office skyscraper. Upon removal of all scaffolding, it became clear that the entire 10th floor was missing.
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Child prodigy: boy discovers senselessness of life at tender age of nine

Coventry, UK (dpo) - Little Timmy, 9, stunned the world with this latest revelation. It seems that this wunderkind has already arrived at a conclusion that most people do not reach until much later in life: he has discovered that life has no meaning.
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These 8 features make the iPhone X the best smartphone ever

Apple’s most recent big hit comes a decade after the launch of the first ever iPhone. The new iPhone, the iPhone X, was recently unveiled in Cupertino setting new standards in design and functionality. These 8 features are the reason why the iPhone X is the best smartphone ever:
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North Korean state TV celebrates “successful hurricane attack” on USA

Pyongyang (dpo) – Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc this week, causing devastation across the US state of Florida. Meanwhile, North Korean state television is celebrating the catastrophe as “our glorious military’s successful hurricane attack on the American aggressor”.
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Italian plumber arrested for animal cruelty after jumping on turtles

Naples (dpo) - This weekend, a terrible case of animal cruelty took place at Naples Zoo. According to police records, a middle-aged man gained access to a turtle enclosure and then proceeded to jump onto several of the creatures’ shells, landing on his feet. A large letter “M” printed on his cap is currently the only clue to the attacker’s identity.
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All clear: tremor in North Korea caused by Kim Jong-un pole vaulting

Pyongyang (dpo) - Was it all just a front? According to information from the CIA, North Korea did not actually carry out any nuclear weapons tests on Sunday. In reality, the tremors detected by seismographs in the country are said to have been caused by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who was supposedly at pole-vault training at the time the tremor was detected.
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