Donald Trump attacks puddle as “highly overrated” after stepping in it

New York (dpo) – President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter today having just stepped into a puddle in the middle of the road outside Trump Tower in New York. In his Tweet, he blasted the small pool of water, calling it “highly overrated”. He went on to say that although the puddle didn’t know him, it had ruined his day with no provocation whatsoever.
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Shocking photographic evidence: chemtrails cause forest fires

Berlin (dpo) - Geoengineering, population control, ruining our skies – government use of chemtrails is diverse. Now, new photographic evidence points to blatant use of these controversial chemicals to ignite forest fires.
This newspaper received the above photo from an anonymous source. It shows a plane leaving behind a clearly visible chemical trail, as well as flames and smoke where the trail touches the trees.
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No need to pay attention to traffic anymore: smartphone user gets guide dog

Lübeck (dpo) - It’s a  nuisance familiar to many smartphone users: the inconvenience of looking up from their displays in traffic. Yet Alexander Friesenegger from Lübeck, Germany, has found a way around this problem. The clever 27-year-old decided to get a guide dog, enabling him to surf the internet, play games or video chat to his heart’s content while walking across the city.
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First intensive care unit opened for men suffering from cold

Münster (dpo) - There’s finally hope for the critically ill! The Münster University Hospital has set up an intensive care unit exclusively for the treatment of male patients suffering from coughs, colds, or even both. A specially trained team provides 24/7 care.
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USA: black man survives stop-and-search-operation unwounded

Greensboro (dpo) – In the US, there has been a sensational incident again between a Police Officer and an Afro-American citizen. In a stop-and-search operation in Greensboro, North Carolina, 29-year-old Dwayne Harris was apparently neither killed nor brutally beaten up. The American public are puzzled about the Officer’s motives, who idly allowed several opportunities for use of violence to lapse.
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+++ Doesn't make cents: coiner prints banknotes +++
+++ Can't stand on its own: bicycle is two tired +++
+++ A flat, Major! General orders apartment and tonality for military music +++
+++ Chinese: Asian girl doesn't say a word to her uncle +++
+++ Got the No-bell prize: inventor of the door knocker awarded +++
+++ In Seine: mentally ill Frenchman drowns himself +++
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Boy last seen online on WhatsApp three hours ago: 17-year-old reported missing

Munich (dpo) - Huge worries about Niklas T.! The 17-year-old from the vicinity of Munich has been reported missing since noontime today. According to police, the pupil was last seen on WhatsApp three hours before by friends. Attempts to follow his traces in several WhatsApp groups have not brought any results so far.
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