US election void as Trump voted for himself

New York (dpo) - In the end, it did not come down to a miscount but a technicality. Today, the US Election Administration declared the presidential election result void due to Donald Trump clearly having voted for himself in blatant contravention of US law. The election must now be rerun within 30 days.
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Disgusting! Compulsive hoarder (83) stored hundreds of bottles of decades-old wine in cellar

Koblenz (dpo) – In Harald D.'s cellar, it was difficult to even turn around in former years. The vault was filled up to the ceiling with wine bottles that were partly several decades old. Now, the children of the 83-years-old compulsive clutterer had enough: they had the cellar cleared out by a professional firm.
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The couldn’t-care-less generation: 95 percent of all babies do not help with household chores

Princeton (dpo) - Is the world’s laziest generation of all times impending upon us? According to an international study by approved sociologists of Princeton University, USA; newborns of the last two years rarely or never help with their parents’ household chores.
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+++ Iran: winner of Teheran Marathon reveals how he's won +++
+++ WHO cares: nobody interested in work of World Health Organisation +++
+++ "I'm Sorry": man apologizes for stupid name +++
+++ It's about time: Einstein's last book finally published +++
+++ Well done: engineer praised for new water supply +++
+++ Stoned: arabian woman gets punished after smoking weed +++
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Bone find proves early man lived horizontally beneath the earth

Leicester (dpo) - Our ancestors climbed down from the trees – or did they? When British Archaeologists uncovered the approximately 20,000-year-old body of a man this weekend,  they discovered some astonishing news. The anatomy and position of the body lead them to the conclusion that people back then actually lived beneath the earth, moved horizontally and looked like skeletons. Many textbooks will now have to be re-written.
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Trump’s 10 radical plans for his first 100 days

Donald Trump has Republican majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate, making him the most powerful US President in years. But what exactly does the amicable billionaire want to achieve with that power? Read on to find out what President Trump has planned for his first 100 days in office:
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"Donald, will you marry me?": Clinton hasn't given up on the White House yet

New York (dpo) - Will she still enter the White House? Following Donald Trump’s election as next President of the United States of America, his defeated opponent Hillary Clinton not only congratulated him but also completely surprised him by proposing.
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