Parents forget own child's name due to lack of tattoo

Hameln, Germany (dpo) - Sandra and Peter Wegner, both 35, are in despair. They had given their child a simple, popular name but today, to their horror, they found that it eluded them. Unlike other new parents, they had never had it tattooed onto their bodies in ornate letters. Unfortunately, their child’s birthday has also escaped their memory, since this information is not stated anywhere on their bodies, either.
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+++ Please hold the lion: zoo director always gets same instructions from veterinarian call center +++
+++ "Look, a like!": man shows facebook account to his doppelganger +++
+++ Make a marry car great again: Trump spends time restoring old wedding vehicles +++
+++ Shellfish: shrimp only cares about himself +++
+++ Mercedes bends: car crashes into a tree +++
+++ Rather sucks: gay guy doesn't like receiving blowjobs +++
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IT experts name Mb2.r5oHf-0t as world’s safest password

Hamburg (dpo) - Hacked accounts, security gaps, email data theft: more and more people are justifiably concerned about their password security. However, this could soon come to an end. Today, Europe’s largest association of hackers, the Chaos Computer Club, officially selected Mb2.r5oHf-0t as the world’s safest password. This follows tests in which all common passphrase finder programmes failed to identify this password due to its sophisticated character string.
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Study reveals final beer of evening frequently causes sickness and headaches

Heidelberg (dpo) - Researchers at the Institute for Food Science in Heidelberg have now discovered what seasoned drinkers have long suspected: in nine out of ten cases, the final beer consumed at the end of a merry night out is bad. It can thus can lead to stomach troubles, sickness and headaches.
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Promise kept: Trump has drained the swamp in Washington to build a golf course

Washington (dpo) – Today, Donald Trump delivered on one of his most prominent campaign promises: he announced that a swamp in Washington D.C. has been drained to build a new golf course. “People kept telling me I couldn’t do it”, said the President, standing on the dry patch of land which is soon to be an 18-hole golf course for Washington’s elite. “But here I am. Another promise kept!”
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‘Electros’ and ‘Bells Angels’: first biker gangs on electric cycles

Duisburg (dpo) - Authorities are alarmed: the Electros, Germany’s first gang of electric cyclists (or ‘e-bikers’), was founded last weekend. Competing gangs, including the Bells Angels and the E-Mongols, were established in other cities of the Ruhr district around the same time. Police are now concerned about an increase in gang violence.
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Fresh spying accusation: Donald Trump convinced he is being followed by ‘Secret Service’

Washington (dpo) - This weekend, Donald Trump took to Twitter repeatedly accusing his predecessor Barack Obama of having ordered surveillance on him, though he has not yet provided any evidence. Now, the current US President has had time to think and he claims that for some time, men in black suits and sunglasses have been following him around.
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